Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas From Nils and Michele


I (Nils) said I wasn't going to do a blog, because I didn't want the responsibility of updating it regularly. Michele and I have been sending out an e-mail message about once a month, and that seems to be working pretty well. However, as I've started to think about photos we want to share, I've realized that this might be a better way to share them then attaching them to an e-mail message.

So, I can't promise you that we'll update this blog regularly, but at least you'll get to see some pictures of our life here.

Michele has had two Christmas dinners in the last few days. On the 24th, she and our teammate Erin were visiting families in a river community, in one of the areas we accompany. A family from the community invited Michele and Erin to stop and have Christmas dinner with them. Here's a picture of Erin sitting down to dinner with the family.
Here's the Christmas dinner Michele and I had togther here at our house in Barrancabermeja with our teammate Pierre and his family. Our dinner was on the 25th, although around here most people's celebration is the evening of the 24th.

Peace on Earth!

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