Sunday, February 25, 2007

SOA Watch delegation

In January Nils helped host a delegation from School of the Americas Watch, that was here to learn more about the role of U.S. trained military in the Colombian conflict and to ask the Colombian administration to reconsider its commitment to sending soldiers to the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning in Georgia. SOA Watch is an organization that we have supported for a long time - the past six years one or both of us have attended the annual vigil at the school in November. It was great to host this group, and to share a little of our work here with them.

I wrote an article about the delegation, and there are pictures of the delegation available on CPT's website. Lisa Sullivan from SOA Watch also wrote an article about their visit to Colombia; much of the article is about the trip they took with us visiting rural communities.

Here's a picture of Nils with the delegation and a family they visited

Michele also led a delegation of North Americans here in Colombia last month. That delegation was organized by CPT, and she hasn't had time to do much writing about it yet. Michele's mom, Doris, took part in the delegation; it was great to have her here.

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